How to choose a food truck builder

It’s a huge day, you have decided to embark on a great journey owning a custom food truck, and yes there are thousands of questions you may have so we wanted to start with like “How do I know my food truck builder is honest and dependable”?

Well this is a very easy thing to recognize off hand right away pricing is key, representation is huge, and certification is the most important. When looking for a custom food truck the pricing is a dead giveaway for the lower end builders in this country. For a good dependable gas food truck with a brand new kitchen it should be no less than $50,000.00 unless you have a friend that is taking care of you. A diesel custom food truck should start at no less than $74,500.00. People will always say that is so expensive, but in the grand scheme of things those who spend $30,000.00 normally suffer from engine failure, generator failure, and overall cheaper looking aesthetics. So budget $100,000.00 and make sure you do your research on what all you will need, and what are just not needed inside your food truck.

There are many flashy food truck companies, that their websites are amazing, Facebook’s have large followings and show themselves very well, however they are not real builders, they use cheaper builders to maximize profits and stop caring about your wants and needs. Know the difference between these companies, ask where will your food truck be built, ask technical questions in regards to what is your food truck made of, is there wood? All metal? Stainless or aluminum? These questions will save you time and money picking a food truck builder.

Companies all over the internet claiming to be the best food truck builders nationwide, some of them are extremely amazing, but normally those companies do not have to brag. Many of these companies do not build trucks, but are only figureheads for other companies that do the hard work so know the brand you want to do business with.

Lastly, we run across food truck builders all over the country that use improper equipment, tools, fasteners and do not follow regulations. These food truck builders are not licensed and that is a huge risk on the consumer part. Make sure food truck builders can show you their license before starting a build out. The biggest licenses a custom food truck builder should have would be a propane license, and an electrician license. This is your life they are messing with.

Be Informed, and even if you don’t build your custom food truck with us, give us a call if you have questions and we would love to help, we only want to see this industry grow. Always remember Sizemore is the home of “The Ultimate Food Truck”