Custom Food Truck Is Finished.

Yay, It is a great day your builder just called and it is time to pick up your brand new Custom Food Truck.

The sight of all the shine, and the vinyl wrap that has your wildest dreams on it take your breath away.

You rush to make the final payment and get in and head on your way, such a glorious day.


Please do not be taken back by the shine of a truck, do not rush through walking through the truck, focus a little longer and make sure your truck is perfect before making that payment.

Too often we hear stories about people driving down the road and the engine locking up, or cleaning their kitchen hood one day and SLICE, trip to the hospital on some angle.

Look at every crease of your truck, make sure that angles line up perfectly, make sure you lightly run your finger over every place you will clean on the truck (which should be everywhere lol) and make sure there are no sharp edges.

Always make sure you have a thorough walk around and get shown how to use your truck, from generator start, to using the blinkers. THIS IS HUGE because if the truck is running when you get there, and then you pay and get it all the way home and it doesn’t, the first thing builders say is “YOU MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING, IT WORKED FINE HERE.” Chances are you probably didn’t do something wrong, but make sure that everything is functioning and don’t pay until you are for certain.

Just some friendly advice from someone who has seen, and heard every horror story in the book. Make sure your truck is up to your standards, not theirs.