Understanding Food Truck Venting Systems and Fire Suppression

If you are planning to buy a food truck for a start-up business or renovating your old one, it would be wise to invest some time on the venting systems and fire suppressions. These two must greatly be considered in choosing the right equipment for your business. Some people tend to focus more on the budget and keeping it cheap to save more money. BUT it is important for business owners to know about the importance of securing the entire system.

The Vent System consists of two parts which include vent hood and the exhaust fan. Vent hoods are commonly made of stainless steel and are installed above the cooking area with customized design to complement the area of the food truck. It is usually accompanied with a stove and/or a griddle. It is a little different when it comes in a food truck. The components are more closely attached to the cooking surface. The design of the hoods is usually customized to match the size of the area inside the truck. These are handled by the professional custom truck builders.

The Exhaust Fan is located outside the vehicle, specifically, above the vent hood. It is used to release the cooking fumes coming from the work area. While cooking, steams and vaporized greases are inevitable. You might suffocate if they aren’t released immediately. This is the main reason why the exhaust fan is a must-have in every cooking area. A duct is connected to the vent hood to channel out the fumes.

They have built-in grease cups to avoid excess grease from dripping and being collected. These elements must be regularly inspected for safety measures. The dimensions of the duct and exhaust fan depend on the kind of cooking equipment that you will be used. Keep in mind that the exhaust fan runs on a certain voltage so there is a need to check the wattage before the installment. It usually requires a 120-volt electrical power source. Failure to follow the right voltage might result in serious damage.

Fire Suppression Equipment

Similar with the venting systems, fire suppression system is also a major part of the rules and regulations when running a food truck business. A food truck must have this system to prevent the start of potential fire outbreak.

Hot cooking surfaces, open flames, oils, chemicals, and electrical connections can result in a volatile situation that may cause a fire. These instances can be fatal to those people inside the truck. This will not only bring harm to the people involved but also to the business itself. The system can suppress all the fire that is caused by the chemicals and automatically stop the gas lines. It is also connected to the electrical lines, making it capable to shut down the power once the flames begin to rise.

Inspections are also inevitable in the fire suppression system. There is a lot of procedure to go through such as approval and overall installment. It is also required to have additional portable fire extinguishers that can be used to put out the fire.

Two types of portable fire extinguishers used in food service establishments. Extinguishers with a Class K Rating are mainly created for fires which are caused by oils and grease that can burn at a high temperature. They are only used after the fire suppression system has started.

Secondary Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers with a Class ABC Rating is entirely different from the first one. It is solely used for non-grease fires that comes from electrical sources, paper, wood, and plastics. It is highly advisable to have them stored inside the truck and the kitchen area to secure the place. Also, it is important to inform and train the employees about how these systems and extinguishers work and where they are placed.

An evacuation plan and training must be established even during the business proposals. It is crucial to consider these two systems when buying a food truck. As stated above, they are part of the rules and regulations. They are also required to protect the workers and the business itself. For further information, you may consult a professional to learn more about these systems and the right procedures in obtaining them.

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