How ato Market Your Food Truck Business

How To Market Your Food Truck Business

The food truck marketing industry has literally skyrocketed. This industry is close to $1 billion and will continue to grow with over 5% every year, reaching an astounding $1.5 billion by 2030. There is no doubt that food trucks are here to stay, because people will always have this most important need for good and convenient eats.

When it comes to branding and marketing, the food truck industry is at the forefront of innovation and personalization. Food truck owners have managed to become highly agile marketers, who invest not just in diversifying their portfolio of foods & flavors, but also in finding new ways to satisfy their customers and exceed the most stringent needs.

Modern Food Truck Owners Use Modern Marketing Tools

Most food truck owners have come to realize that marketing these days revolves mostly around digital. Granted, you might make use of flyers or posters, but you want to take advantage of modern tactics to reach your customers where they spend a majority of their time, which is on their mobile phones. You want to use mobile targeting, local SEO, SMS advertising, location targeting, social ads and good ol’ modern day word of mouth via social.

Modern food truck owners are mainly focused on utilizing low cost, even free tools and methods to reach as many customers as possible. They can reach massive amounts of followers on social media and can drive targeted traffic to their landing pages, specials and menus. Ultimately, they drive more people in the neighborhood to try their delicious food.

What Will You Discover in This Food Truck Marketing Series?

In this marketing series, we’ll show you a unique set of tools that you must use if you want to skyrocket your food truck business and reach new heights. If you’re still in the initial planning stage, you can greatly maximize your impact on the market by using these methods from the beginning. Even if you are a well-established veteran in the food truck business, the methods we’ll cover can help you gain an unfair advantage over your competition and will definitely allow you to get more precious customers.

You might already know some of these methods. However, you might have never heard of others. Nevertheless, know that this series is not a step-by-step guide on how to create your own accounts on social media. Instead, it is a comprehensive collection of information that gives you a game plan and a strategy on how to leverage the power of the internet to boost your food truck business.

Quick Example Of What We’ll Cover

To better understand some of what we’ll cover, we’ve put together a short example of a real case. Shawna is an SEO expert for a large corporation located in a major metropolitan city. It’s 10:18 AM now, and she’s been at the office long enough to check all her social accounts at least once.

On Instagram she sees Jimmy’s Taco Truck will be in her area today and they have some specials. This reminds her she doesn’t have any plans for lunch and makes her a little hungry. A quick check on Twitter and she sees Jimmy’s Taco Truck is going to be in her area precisely at 11:30 AM. Now she is excited.

Not wanting to eat alone she shares with her friends her plans for lunch, and since her FB account is linked to her Twitter account it’s posted there also. Then she mentions to a couple co-workers that Jimmy’s will be near their work at 11:30 and the special she saw on Instagram; she decides to look for Jimmy’s weekly email newsletter and forward it to her friend who was wondering what else they offered.

Much like the old shampoo commercial line that goes, and they told 2 friends, and they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on… Getting closer to lunch time a few conversations take place regarding schedules of all who are interested. When it’s finally Taco Time, the information that Jimmy’s had sent into the web-o-sphere and Shawna’s communication of the info with friends and co-workers had created 9 customers. Maybe even more than that because schedules don’t always match up, there could have been people that became interested by one of Shawna’s friends retweets, and planned a later lunch.

This is how powerful social media can be, especially in the food truck industry.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

In the food truck industry, marketing revolves around local targeting and social media. Digital referrals can be just as powerful as “word-of-mouth” customers. In fact, they are even more powerful, because their message can reach a wider audience. A single post from an influencer or a public person can reach millions of people locally and internationally.

Twitter and Facebook are by far the most popular and in many ways the most useful platforms today, and they are the best tools you can use to take your food truck business to whole new levels.

An Influx of Unique Customers with A Single Tweet

Over the years there have been pioneers in the food truck business that through trial and error became highly successful in advertising their brand and promoting it to the masses via social media. More specifically, they were highly successful when using Twitter.

These marketing pioneers all figured out some important things that needed to be done, one of those things was announcing the location of their food truck on Twitter. Their tweets alone were able to draw over 800 of clients to their location, in a single day.

What’s even better is that their Twitter followers would retweet the company’s post, so their reach could become massive. They could easily reach over 100k people who lived in a single area, exponentially more in large cities.

Thanks to their incredible success, many similar food truck companies decided to walk into the footsteps of these pioneers. We’ve gathered examples of many of these success stories and that’s what we will be sharing with you in this food truck marketing series.

What Else You’ll Find in Upcoming Series Parts

As we move through the series, we’ll present you with marketing tools and ideas that will help you enjoy tremendous success. This information will help you generate thousands of social media followers and improve your total clients with as little as 30 minutes of work.

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