Food Truck Marketing - Facebook Tips

Food Truck Marketing – Facebook Tips

We’ve covered how Facebook can be used similarly to Twitter to update status and let your followers know what’s happening with your business.

The Status Pin

Normally, status updates on Facebook drop down the timeline each time you add a new update. But there are times you will want to “Pin” an update so that it stays at the top of the list.

When we create a status update on Facebook it will drop down the timeline as we add new updates. Every now and then we’d like to have an update stay at the top of the page. This is when we use the Pin feature.

So let’s say Jimmy’s Taco Truck is going to be at the Miami Art Show for the weekend starting on Friday. Early in the week we posted all the Art Show info so our followers could plan to look for us if they were going to the show. This is great time to Pin it to the top so it’s one of the first things people see when they come to our Facebook page.

Then on Friday morning we can create a new post that includes more updated information. By then you will know more details and can tell people exactly where you are located so they aren’t confused and eat at a different truck.

An example post could look something like this: Jimmy’s Taco Truck is at the Miami Art Show Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Enjoy Art, Music and of course our award winning Tacos! We are located between Sound Stage 2 and Artist Row, look for the Big Taco on the side of the truck. Like and Share to help spread the word!

More Fan Page Tips

Here’s a little extra info that you have probably seen used before but might not be using yourself. The part I want you to take note of is, “Like and Share to help spread the word!” Something as simple as asking or reminding them to Like or Share can increase your reach a lot.

It’s easy to do and isn’t rude to do so. The benefit to them Liking or Sharing is your post will show up on their friends’ news feed, the amount of people who can see your post.

Catching People’s Eye

I didn’t mention it before because we were focusing more on the pinning concept and what the text of the post should look like so I want make sure to say always try to post a pic with your message.

We are a visual society and the old adage “a pic is worth a thousand words” really proves itself in social media. Text only Posts can get lost, if you can hook them with a cool pic or graphic you really increase the possibility of grabbing attention long enough to get your message consumed.

It’s fairly easy to do from your phone because the camera tech in phones these days is amazing. I suggest keeping an album of pics that you can pull from at any time.

That album could contain pictures of your: food truck, brand graphics, your food shots, kitchen and ingredients, employees, guests, events (for the example above a pic of exactly where you are located at the Art Show), and many more using your creativity.

The concept is to insert one of your images that is relevant to the message in your post and hook people into your message. To do this just click on the on the Add Photo/Video button at the top of the Update Status box. If  you’re uploading from your phone, click “Status” then click on the icon that looks like a camera. From there, click “Take Photo or Video” or the “Choose From Library” button.

Even Better Results with Video

You can also insert video clips into Facebook posts. Video has gained major popularity in social media over the past 3 years. Video quality on smart phones and digital cameras is incredible and make it easy to add a quality video to your post. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video can 10x that. You can use short uncut videos as well as longer videos that might be a few video clips edited together.

Either way for the best presentation on Facebook upload them directly to Facebook. At one time it was thought that for larger video uploading to YouTube and then embedding the link in your Facebook post. But Facebook has become very video friendly and will display video better if it lives on Facebook.

Your Website Links

Having a website with a blog on it allows you to add new information when you need too. A great way to promote those blog posts is to share those posts with your Facebook fans.

Adding a link to your site in your Facebook updates is easy. Just copy the website address, type your message in the status box and then paste your website address at the end of your message. The linked site will appear in a content box directly below your post. Just like I did with sharing a photo or video, adding a

web link also makes your post larger and more visible to people looking through their timeline.

You also have the ability to choose the thumbnail image that appears with your link. Your choices depend on how many pictures are embedded on that particular web page. Not every image is going to be relevant so it’s good that Facebook gives you the option to choose your image instead of automatically selecting it for you.