New versus Used Food Trucks – The Pros and Cons

New versus Used Food Trucks – The Pros and Cons

As you have likely seen, the food truck industry is growing. For many would-be restauranteurs, food trucks allow an easier entry into the thriving food industry. Food trucks provide benefits like lower initial investments, less operating costs, and mobility. For those considering accepting the opportunity that food trucks present, questions comes regarding how to get started and are often centered around whether to purchase a new custom food truck or opt for a used one. The experts at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks offer these tips to help you decide.

New VS Used – A Comparison

With virtually any big purchase, the question of new versus used is always in play, and so it is with food trucks. Here’s what to look for when comparing the two.

The Cost

This means not only the price of the food truck you are considering, but how much you can afford to make the purchase. If your budget for a food truck is $40,000 or less, you should be looking at a previously owned food truck. If, on the other hand, you have a higher budget, you can probably afford a new custom food truck with prices starting at $80,000. Other cost factors to consider when making the decision include the size of the truck, the age of the truck, whether it is gas or diesel, and the generator needed to power the kitchen. It is important to understand that while a used food truck will have a lower cost initially, potential repairs or renovations can increase the costs involved quickly. 

Design, Layout, and Equipment

With a new, custom food truck, you will gain the edge of proper equipment and design for preparing your chosen cuisine. You choose the brand, as well as layout of the equipment you choose.  A used truck won’t afford you that luxury, as you will get what you see – cooking equipment and a layout designed for the previous owner – which could affect your ability to cook and serve successfully. And while you could replace the existing equipment with new equipment, it will not be cheap.

Vehicle Quality and Reliability

When opting for a previously owned food truck, as with any vehicle purchase, you can’t be assured of the quality or reliability of the truck. You need to be sure you can safely and efficiently operate your food truck without the need for costly repairs while you are  losing income due to downtime. A new custom-built food truck will be high quality and often come with an extended warranty.


Warranties afford you a backup plan for your new business. That said, warranties are rarely included with pre-owned food trucks, which means you are on the hook for expenses should the truck or the equipment fail. With a new custom food truck, you’ll likely find warranties, not only on the vehicle, but also on the refrigeration equipment, cooking equipment, and generator, giving you peace of mind, should something go wrong.

Health Code Requirements

In the food industry, health code requirements often change and whether you purchase a new or used food truck, you must meet those health codes. In addition, health codes are unique based on location, which means a used food truck from another region may not be up to code where your business will be operating and will need upgrades to move forward. A new custom food truck will be designed completely with your new business in mind, and so ensure your new vehicle is up to code and ready to go. 

Choosing Your Food Truck

Your new food truck business needs a food truck able to meet your business goals now and into the future. Look for a truck which can meet your needs and grow with you and your business. With experienced and knowledgeable team members, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks can answer all your questions and provide a Free Quote to get you started.