How To Get The Most Advertising Out Of Your Food Truck Wrap

How To Get The Most Advertising Out Of Your Food Truck Wrap

Whether you are planning a new food truck build or a refresh of your current truck you need to put some thought into what’s on the outside.

Most people don’t realize how strategic you should be when designing your rolling billboard and how much advertising a well designed wrap can deliver.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite things we think about and use to help our clients create the perfect food truck wrap.

When you truly put some creative thought into your design it will boost your business more than any other form of advertising. Depending on your area you can get an average of 50,000 impressions or more in a single day.

Not only do wraps promote your food truck business they are instrumental in procreating your investment. Using a high quality vinyl wrap may cost a little more but the return on investment is huge when it your truck looks great, is protected and wears. Especially if you are thinking about selling done the road.

Wraps give us the ability to transform a boxy step van into what ever we want, it’s literally a blank canvas with window holes. There is no better way to present your branding to your audience in all its colorful glory than with a well executed full or partial body wrap.

When you create a great design it turns a normal commute into a rolling advertisement. It doesn’t matter if you are on your way to or from your next stop or in traffic it gets noticed. It’s one of the main reasons brick and mortar restaurants have food trucks, besides expanding there service area it’s a great way to get their logo and menu in front of more people. An advertisement that pays for itself.

The wrapping doesn’t have to stop at your food truck. Do you have other vehicles you can tie into your truck wrap design? Even if it’s just your logo or a part of the creative on the truck, you can present yourself as a cohesive fleet all representing your brand.

Using a reliable and professional group to do you wrap install is money well spent. When done the right way, a quality wrap can last up to seven years. Things to look for in a company are:

  • Do they have the proper equipment?
  • Do they operate out of a heated and dust free shop?

Depending on how your truck’s roof is laid out it is the perfect place to add a little extra advertisement. Especially if you are operating downtown where office building are 3 stories or taller. Think about it they can’t see the side of your truck from their view, but they know you are there. Tell them who you are, what you serve, and how to see your menu or special online. I’ve even seen roof ads show up in drone footage.

Your Social media networks are crucial to getting your word out and connecting with your foodie fans. Make sure you include them in your wrap’s design, wherever you do the best job of promoting your business in the Social-sphere, make sure they are listed. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are probably the main ones, and Youtube if video is your thing.

I mentioned earlier that your food truck is a blank canvas with holes for the windows. Make sure when you are designing your plan for the best use of that space with the service window open or closed. Opening your truck up for business shouldn’t take away from the overall design.

Know your customer and their likes and dislikes and do your best to offer an appealing design that gets their attention and makes a memorable impression. Unlike other forms of advertising you will be in their face in 3D (kinda) they can’t change the channel or decide to not open your latest email. You have cut through the clutter of over stimulation and have their attention. Make it count!

You know your brand and concept better than anyone, be creative, if you are not creative get some help, look at other trucks to get inspiration, and most importantly have fun with it. Choose wisely, not only is this your largest form of advertising it the place you walk in and out of each day to work.