How to Choose the Right Food Truck Manufacturer

How to Choose the Right Food Truck Manufacturer

If you have decided to enter the booming food truck industry, the time is right! Food trucks are more popular than ever, but even so, that makes choosing the right food truck manufacturer even more crucial. After all, the design and build of your custom food truck is a big investment in your future success. You will want to choose a food truck manufacturer who will understand your concept, your budget, and your timeline, thus helping you invest wisely. You will also want to select a food truck manufacturer who had the experience and know-how to create your food truck to perfectly fit your business model and your brand. Meeting your business requirements and complementing your brand is essential to your food truck success. Let’s discover what you need to know when choosing a food truck manufacturer to help you build your dream!

A Reputable Food Truck Manufacturer

As you begin your search for the right food truck manufacturer, ask for recommendations from other food truck operators you know. Check online reviews from past customers. Look for high ratings and awards from mobile kitchen industry leaders and organizations. Seek a manufacturer with an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

A reputable food truck manufacturer should have considerable experience and a successful operation. Plus, a food truck manufacturer you can trust will happily share recent builds, contact information for those customers, and offer up price points from start to finish for your food truck build.

A Certified Food Truck Manufacturer

The food truck manufacturer you choose should know the industry inside and out, including all health and fire codes and regulations required at local, state, and national levels. Your food truck manufacturer should know the standards needed for passing inspection and meeting all health codes, as well as utilizing only NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Certified equipment to ensure the ongoing value of your investment.

In addition, your food truck manufacturer should be certified to build in your state, to ensure your food truck is completely safe and operational according to state regulations. If you chose a manufacturer in a different state, they need to be certified in the state you will operate as well.

A Supportive Food Truck Manufacturer 

When making your final selection for your food truck manufacturer choose one that is supportive throughout the process from financing your project at the beginning to a warranty that goes with you when you leave the facility to start your business. Starting a food truck business is costly and the ability to finance your food truck build can help. Begin your new business with a food truck manufacture who offers opportunities for financing.

And when your food truck is complete, you’ll want a manufacturer who provides a complete warranty, including electrical systems, plumbing systems, heaters, equipment, tanks, and more. In addition, a food truck manufacturer who offers support to help you start your business successfully may provide guidance for local permits, navigating the health department guidelines, and even marketing your new business.

Are You Ready to Create Your Custom Food Truck?

If the answer is yes, then Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks is ready to help you. We are proud of our reputation in the mobile kitchen industry and will gladly share our recent builds and contact information for those customers. We offer over 30 years’ experience in metal fabrication, and our facility features nearly 40,000 sq.ft. with laser cutting tables, water jet, a complete on-site machine shop, and a well-qualified professional team. We are certified to build in all 50 states to ensure your food truck will pass all local health and fire codes and food truck regulations. Plus, we promise to communicate accurate price points, and keep your project crafted with premium quality and workmanship as well as on time and on budget. Call today!