Food Truck 101 – Getting Started

Food Truck 101 – Getting Started

As you are preparing to launch your food truck business, there are some essentials you need to know. Every food truck is as unique as the chef, restauranteur, or entrepreneur behind it, but these tips will help you get started on your journey to food truck success. Let’s get started on the food truck business of your dreams!

The Food Truck Industry

Even if you are already a successful entrepreneur, restauranteur, or chef, the food truck industry is decidedly different, which means you need to do some legwork in the way of research. Before you begin, you want find out all you can about the industry, from food truck manufacturers, like Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks, to successful food trucks around the country, from Oink and Moo BBQ in Jersey to Ms. Cheezious in Miami. With a bit of research, your changes for food truck success go up exponentially. Don’t forget to check out the food truck competition in your area, explore food truck best practices, and learn all you can before you begin your new venture.

What’s in a Name?

Once the research is done, you likely have a concept and possible even a name in mind. Your concept will define your brand and your product going forward, while your brand name should make mouth’s water for your food. Choosing both wisely will bring the promise of a winning, successful food truck. Whether your truck will serve timeless classics or bring your own modern fusion to the street, brainstorm ideas. When doing so, you should consider not only what you enjoy cook, but what other enjoy eating. Ask if your menu is portable, easy to eat on the go? Think about niches which aren’t represented in your local food truck community. You don’t need a full menu at this point, but a couple of great, delectable ideas to start.

The Business Plan

If you’ve done one before, you probably don’t view this tip with nearly the fear and trepidation of someone who is doing a business plan for the first time. Never fear, a solid, well-thought out business plan will act your guide along the way, detailing every aspect of your food truck business from designing your food truck to selling your first item to the delight of your customers. A good business plan can also help you secure the financing or get investors to help you get started. As a bonus, your business plan will also act as a guidebook from the initial planning to the opening and beyond.

Licensing, Permits, and Other Red Tape

With any business opening, there are licenses and permits to acquire, regulations and guidelines to follow, requirements to meet for your locality. All are essential to run your business successfully. Finding out what you need to get your food truck up and running means more research for you, but it is a non-negotiable part of running your business.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve heard it before, but as with any business venture, location is often the key to success. The time is now to start looking for locations. Keep in mind you are looking for locations with lots of foot traffic, and if you want to park on private property, always check with the business owner and make sure you have permission and follow local laws. In addition, you can also sign up for local food truck events and even offer catering services to increase your business and enhance your revenue steam.

Marketing for Success

While you are about the business of running your new food truck, marketing will be the driver to keep you successfully sharing your food and building your dream. Online marketing is a great option for food truck owners. A great website and social media marketing are ideal avenues for food trucks, keeping customers informed of your latest location, you hours, and your newest offerings. With social media you can showcase daily specials and communicate with your customers. Plus, you don’t have to wait for your food truck to be ready to get started building the excitement for what your new food truck will bring to the community.

Your Food Truck

Now, you are ready to design your food truck. You’ll want the best manufacturer and a show-stopping logo, which will act to promote your business wherever you go. Choose an experienced, trusted food truck manufacturer to get your business off to a great start. Are you ready to get started? Call on the team at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks to discuss your upcoming food truck build.