Equipping Your Food Truck with Supplies

Equipping Your Food Truck with Supplies

When you are starting your food truck business, the start-up costs involved often seem daunting. Don’t be intimidated, by preparing a realistic budget and a solid business plan, you will soon see the return on your investment and rising profits. Let’s explore the equipment and supplies you will need to plan for inside your food truck. From food preparation to cooking, clean-up to the extras, these details will help you plan well and be fully stocked with all you need for a successful food truck business.

Food Preparation

While in some localities, food truck owners will need to do food preparation in a commercial kitchen or commissary, other will be prepping in their trucks, thus the need for a fully-stocked prep station. You likely already have a good idea of what you will need, but there may be some surprises as food truck prep is a bit more complicated and needs to be planned accordingly and streamlined as a result. Obviously, you need basic cookware, as well as specialty items associated with your menu. The basics include pots and pans, cutting boards and knives, food processors and thermometers, and other necessary preparation equipment. Your food prep workstation needs to be well thought out and designed not only for the food being prepped but also the number of people who will be prepping.


Since you will probably be serving at least some hot foods, you’ll need larger pieces of equipment safely mounted within your food truck. A grill, stove, and fryer are commonly included, as are charbroilers. With these items, you will be able to cook and serve grilled, boiled, sauteed, fried, and charbroiled meats and vegetables to your patrons. Depending on your menu, additional cooking equipment may be needed.

Storage and Safe Handling

Storage is a big issue on food trucks and should be planned for accordingly. Most important is storage needed to keep food fresh and safe for consumption whether your items are being served hot or cold. Refrigerators and freezers are a must on board your food truck. For optimal efficiency, most food truck operators chose under-the counter options which can then be used as countertop prep areas as well. Warming units and heated cabinets, as well as food heat lamps, display warmers, and soup kettles are also great options for food truck owners.

Safety, Sanitation, and Service

Your customers will be coming because of the great food you serve, but you, as a food truck entrepreneur have much more to focus on than just the food prep and cooking. As the food truck owner, safety, sanitation, and service are also top priorities. Safety equipment on board your food truck should include a fire suppression system, including sprinklers, and a functional exhaust hood. You’ll need these safety features on board and functional to pass inspection and get your permit or license to operate. Sanitation includes sinks – one for hand washing and one for dishwashing as well as a disposal, grease trap, and freshwater and greywater tanks.

Customer service is also a key to food truck success. Your service window should make customer interactions easy. Consider having a concession door, awning, and windows for a measure of protection in inclement weather.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

The team at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks is ready to assist you in creating the food truck of your dreams. We would love to help you with the details of your new food truck build and help you get off to the best start in the food truck business. From designing your food truck to equipping it with the needed supplies, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks can provide you with the answers you need, as well as free quote and consultation to discuss your plans.