Successfully Marketing Your Food Truck During the Holidays

Successfully Marketing Your Food Truck During the Holidays

Many believe food trucks are only popular during the summer months, but the holidays can also be a lucrative time for food truck owners. Like summer, one of the keys to success is choosing your location for higher levels of food traffic which can draw more customers to your truck. The team at Sizemore Ultimate Food trucks offers these helpful tips to keep your truck profitable this holiday season.

Showcase Seasonal Specials

Whatever your food truck theme, you can still showcase holiday variations in your list of offerings. Don’t be limited by your summer menu but add some must have holiday favorite food and beverages to get customers out to your truck. Choose holiday classics and add your own twist, like a holiday-themed pizza or burrito, Christmas fries, snow globe mini cheesecakes, or a signature eggnog or cider offering. And don’t forget a holiday twist on your unique sweets as well!

Holiday Advertising

For the holiday season, you’ll want some new and fresh holiday ads. Depending on your location, get shots of your truck in the snow or alongside some inflatable pink “Santa” flamingos for your holiday advertising push and add some holiday flair to your truck when you are out and about town. Invite your regulars to visit through social media and use Facebook and Google Ads to target locals and get them to your truck to enjoy your offerings. Keep customers updated on where you’ll be and when and by all means advertise those creative holiday specials. If sales are slow, use some creative promotions, from coupons to special social media deals, offer ways your loyal customers can share their favorites with family and friends, all in the spirit of the holidays. 

You may even consider a introducing a Loyalty Program if you don’t already have one. Loyalty programs are simple to implement and allow customers to collect points for each purchase, which is rewarded with a free dish when the points goal is reached. When customers sign up for the loyalty program, get their email in which you can promote new menu items, have contests, and offer members only discounts – all of which keep you in communication with your loyal customers. In addition, you can offer VIP specials or events for the highest point earners to further encourage loyalty.

Holiday Catering Specials

Catering is a great way to increase your holiday business. Consider offering catering services for local events, weddings, corporate holiday parties, and more. Your loyal following will be happy to know you can cater their office party or holiday event. While catering will take you off the street for a day, you’ll still make a profit through this steady stream of business.

Optimize Your Social Media

While the significance of social media was briefly mentioned, it is crucial to keep you social media followers engaged with relatable content all year round. Pictures and videos  with holiday themes will welcome your customers to continue visiting your truck over the holidays. Showcase your specials with appetizing photos and special packaging.

Give Back to Your Community

The spirit of the holidays is giving, making it a great time to give back to your community through local charities. Choose a cause about which you are passionate and invite your customers to join in the giving. Whether you choose to help the homeless, feed the hungry, or help the local pet population, donate a percentage of your profits to charity and invite your customers to support your efforts.

Happy Holidays from Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks

The team at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks hopes these tips will help you make your holiday season successful. Have a safe and happy holiday season!