Mobile POS – What You Need to Know

Mobile POS – What You Need to Know

Food truck owner/operators, like traditional restauranteurs, have had to make changes to adapt to the ongoing pandemic regulations as well as evolving restaurant trends to continue to serve their customers well. A mobile POS (point of sale) system is a great way to get started. Here the experts at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks share what you need to know to adapt and apply a mobile POS system to your food truck business.

Mobile POS Systems Explained

The Mobile POS System (aka the Mobile Point of Sale System) is a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet – and software which completes your customers’ financial transactions through its app. Essentially, the mobile POS does the work of a traditional cash register. The Mobile POS System includes the hardware, the device and card reader, and the software which completes the digital payment transaction. In most cases, when you sign up for a mPOS service, you will receive a card reader which connects to your smartphone or tablet, and allows you to compete transactions. Sometimes, other hardware is included, possibly a printer for receipts or a stand for your mobile device.

Mobile POS is used in a number of industries, because of their functionality and portability. Both features make them the ideal choice for the food truck industry. Other industries which utilize mobile POS systems are bars, restaurants, salons, and delivery drivers. They have become more popular in the age of COVID-19, enabling social distancing when taking payments.

In addition to mobile POS system payments with a debit or credit card, you can also offer mobile payment options for your customers. Mobile payments are digital and require no additional hardware to complete transactions. Among the most popular mobile payment platforms are Apple Pay, Cash App, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo. For customers who prefer all-digital payments without the need for cash or credit cards, mobile payments are the solution. Mobile payment options are great for food trucks, allowing customers to make purchases even if they don’t have their wallet or purse handy.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile POS

Mobile POS Systems continue to grow in popularity as a preferred payment method for small businesses. They are flexible and portable, they can easily travel with your business, they take up very little space, and they are easy to use, all of which explain the growing popularity of mPOS systems. Not only do Mobile POS systems help your food truck complete digital transactions with ease, but they also boast a host of other useful features. Here are some features to seek out when selecting your mPOS:

  • Premium Security – Obviously, security is crucial for your mPOS system as you will be handling both your money and your customer’s money as well. The goal is preventing not only identity theft but also chargebacks.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface – The mPOS you choose should be intuitive and simple, so you don’t keep your customers waiting.
  • Integrated Accounting/Financial Software – With integrated accounting/financial software, your mPOS System will streamline your food truck’s financial processes.
  • Cross Platform Functionality – Simply stated, cross platform functionality allows you to access your mPOS from any devices after log in is completed.
  • Offline Capability – If your internet connection fails, your mPOS System should have the ability to work offline.
  • Inventory and Menu Solutions – Your mPOS System should track inventory as well menu performance to help you lower costs, reduce waste, adjust menu options, and enhance sales.
  • Email Receipts – Rather than printing receipts, the process can be streamlined if your mPOS has the ability to send email receipts.

Want to Know More?

When selecting your Mobile POS system, you’ll want to make you choice based on the system’s ability to meet your needs and streamline your operations. Call on the professionals at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks and get the information you need for a successful food truck business!