2021 Food Trends – Here’s What Customers Want

2021 Food Trends – Here’s What Customers Want

If you watch the latest cooking shows or follow foodies on social media, you know that food trends are constantly changing. New flavors and unique combinations continually rise to the top of food trends, and restaurants and food trucks shape menus to match the desires of customers and foodies in their localities. Now more than ever, after the lockdowns brought on by the global pandemic, customers are looking for new menu items to explore. Along with restaurants who suffered losses due to the pandemic, food trucks can recoup their losses by offering up menu items geared to the latest food trends.

The food trends of 2021 feature not only menu trends but also cooking trends made popular during last year’s quarantine. Both have shaped what consumers are seeking amid food truck offerings this year. Let’s take a look at what trending in food for 2021.

Exotic International Flavors

Today’s food truck customers are looking for the flavor- exotic flavors, international cuisine, and fusion delights. Caribbean inspiration as well as Polynesian flavors and Moroccan treats are sure to please consumers looking for unique international cuisine. In addition, many foodies crave fusion whether it means Greek quesadillas, Pad Thai tacos, Indian bruschetta, sushi pizza, or cheesecake wontons. From international twists on tots, balls, or cannoli, to unanticipated global fusions, food trucks who follow this trend are sure to gain a foodie following in 2021.

Healthy Options

After the year of the global pandemic with its stay-at-home directives and shutdown orders, its no wonder consumers are looking for natural alternatives that support physical and mental health. Nutritional value and taste is at the forefront of many food truck customers and food trucks can meet that need with menu items featuring vegetables (dark leafy greens, chickpeas, and broccoli), sweet potatoes, nuts, berries, superfruits, and proteins like salmon and shellfish. Each of these foods are known to reduce stress by boosting the intake of antioxidants and fatty acids.

Meatless Monday and the Rise of Burger Alternatives

Given the health and wellness trends rising, the popularity of Meatless Mondays is not a surprise. Foodies around the country are joining the flexitarian movement which includes a blend of vegetarian traditions without the denunciation of meat and meat products. The movement espouses natural, clean food choices and abandons or reduces the intake of processed “foods” for positive health impacts as well as environmental ones. Adding a variety of options to include natural, clean options packed with fruits and veggies can help your food truck find success.

Burger alternatives seem to be a branch of this growing health and wellness trend providing plant-based burger options. This trend has expanded to include plant-based milks and creams (almond, cashew, soy, oat, and more) as well as vegan cheese, and the recently introduced chicken alternatives making it easy for food trucks to add more options to their menus.

Hard to Find Global Fruits

In keeping with the search for the flavorful and exotic, as well as the promotion of health and wellness, exotic, global fruits are trending as well. From the popular jackfruit to the rambutan, goji berries to horned melon, mangosteen to kumquat, and more, adding these fruits in drinks and desserts is sure to please your food truck followers.

Is 2021 the Year of the Chickpea?

Chickpeas, famously used in falafel and hummus, two currently trending food items, have made their way into the hearts of many foodies around the world. Chickpea flour is quickly becoming a popular gluten-free alternative popping up in tortilla, pasta, and cereal formats. Why? Chickpeas are, well, delicious and packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Join a Growing Industry

The food truck industry is growing daily. If you are already a food truck owner, consider updating your menu for 2021 with some of the delicious trends. And if you are hoping to join the growing food truck industry, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks is here with the answers and guidance you need to get started.