Is Food Truck Success Possible Outside the Big City?

Is Food Truck Success Possible Outside the Big City?

If you are considering the food truck business, you might wonder if you need to move to a big city, or at least a bigger city to have any success at all. It seems as though most of the food trucks you see are in larger cities. The truth is food truck success can be found in smaller cities, so don’t fret if you love the small town vibe. Here, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks shares some tips for operating a successful food truck business without leaving the comforts and all you love about your “smaller” city.

Is There a Main Street, A Historic District, a Popular Park?

Every small town has popular spots where residents and visitors like to gather. It might be a revitalized Main Street, a Historic District, a popular shopping area or park. The point is the location of your food truck is one of the keys to success. It can even be a spot near an exit off a major highway. The goal is to find a place where there is plenty of traffic, which is imperative if you hope to draw repeat business and build your business successfully. Of course, you’ll need to check zoning regulations in your area to determine where you can set up, but once you find the ideal location and have the needed government approval, you are well on your way to success.

Crafting Delectable, Intriguing Offerings at the Right Price

In your city, you can probably name the popular local eateries that all the locals love. Consider their menu as you plan yours, the goal is not to compete with them head on but to build your own loyal customer base with distinct, delectable offerings. Offer menu items that aren’t available in your town and you’ll be attracting customers in no time. Consider the latest food trends like international, exotic, healthy, or fusion options which will likely intrigue your customers so they’ll give your food truck a try.

While on the topic of a delectable menu, keep in mind you will need to find the proper price range for your area and for your food. You don’t want your items to be so pricy that no one will try them, nor can they be so cheap that you don’t make a profit. While people hope to find a bargain, you need to make a profit to succeed. Your prices should be an appropriate balance between price and profit, that considers the cost of ingredients and labor fairly.

Spread the Word

Your food truck is its own billboard advertising your business, you can’t count on it to do all the marketing for your business. Your location also plays an important role, even so, you have to spread the word. Digital marketing methods, using social media and e-mail are great ways to reach new customers as well as your current following. Using social platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be powerful tools in your hands to generate interest and drive customers to your food truck. Share images showcasing your food, offer specials, announce new menu items, and garner likes and shares for your business. Your POS (point of sale) system can help you gather customer e-mail addresses while you encourage customers to follow your truck on social media.

Ready to Start Your Food Truck Business?

Are you ready to start your food truck business in your city or town? Call on the professionals at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks to find the answers you need to begin. Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks are 100 percent made in the USA, with completely custom kitchens and turnaround times as short as four weeks.