The Proper Handling of An Angry Customer

The Proper Handling of An Angry Customer

Running a business can be difficult especially when you have to face angry and unhappy customers. However, this fear should not stop you from reaching your goals. Today, the team at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks offers six simple ways by which you can deal with difficult customers.

Change Your Mindset

The first step in dealing with angry and disappointed customers is changing your mindset. Tap into the Zen mind. You should keep calm whenever you face a complaint from any customer. This will help you hear their complaint and understand where you might be going wrong and improve on that.

Yes, it is understood the efforts that go into providing service are close to your heart. However, you have to understand the service you provide is not who you are. There can be mistakes. Stop taking complaints personally. If you do, you will find it less difficult to deal with customers and meet their expectations.

Practice Listening

Not only customers but everyone wants to be heard. Everyone expects their problems to be addressed. You should learn to keep calm and listen to what everyone around you has to say. Repeat what they say back to them as this will make them realize you are paying attention. Don’t try to justify your actions as this can increase their frustrations. You can go a little further and take note of everything they say. This will help in calming your customers even more.

Split Problems into Smaller Parts

Looking at the big picture can often be tough. Instead, try to split the problem into smaller parts and then pay attention to each element. This will help you understand where you might be going wrong.

Apologize and Sympathize

Lower your tone and show customers you are concerned about their disappointments. Actively sympathize. Let your body language show you are sorry for what they have faced. Own the complaints and do not argue. Remind yourself they are not angry at you. This can help calm them down.

No matter how right or wrong the customer is, you should wholeheartedly apologize if you want them to stay. Customers are the most important asset of a business. Without a customer base, a business can never flourish. A simple statement like “I am sorry for the inconvenience” can be enough.

Provide Options

Ask your customer what he or she thinks should be done. Take their advice and try to implement the changes. Provide solutions and explain how you can help your customers resolve their problems. If necessary, go the extra mile and offer a refund for the service you have provided. Customer satisfaction is really important if you want your business to last.

Thank your customers for coming up and letting you know about their issues. Think positively. Take this as an opportunity to improve. Remember, without criticism, there will be no place for improvement.

Lastly, Follow Up

After providing solutions, make sure you are following up with your customer after a few days. Make sure they are satisfied with your solutions. This will strengthen your relationship with the customer and make them understand you are here not just for providing service but you also care about them.

Follow up with your team and see if the problem still arises. Work on improving your service to avoid any recurrence. Make every effort to improve your business and keep your customers happy. And most importantly, treat your customers with respect.

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