What to Consider When Choosing a Food Truck

What to Consider When Choosing a Food Truck

Are you thinking about running a restaurant on wheels but have no clue what the first step is? Here are a few things to consider before you get started.

What’s on The Menu?

The first thing to consider should be: what is it that you will be serving? Are you thinking about burgers, dumplings, tacos, or maybe your favorite homemade dish? Whatever it is that you decide to place on your menu, remember to make sure you have all of the proper ingredients, food storage options, cooking tools, and other equipment you will need when cooking your meals.

Food Trucks, Food Carts and Food Trailers

With these items in mind, the next thing to consider is what type of food truck to invest in. Maybe a food truck is not the ultimate goal, you may also be considering food trailers or food carts.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are generally the most popular choice, and while they do offer a good amount of space for your basic cooking needs, it is important to keep in mind there may not be enough space inside of the food truck to fully prepare your meals. This could mean you may need to be prepared to cook the meals elsewhere prior to opening up the food truck for the day.

Food Carts

Food carts will offer the least amount of space. Depending on what it is you decide to serve, this low maintenance space may just be the perfect option. Keep in mind that because of the small working area will not allow you to serve large crowds.

Food Trailers

Food Trailers generally offer the most room and flexibility and will most likely have an amazing-sized kitchen as well as a generous amount of food storage space. Think of food trailers as the perfect combination of a food truck and a food cart. Food trailers also allow you to serve a large amount of food to larger crowds.

Location Scouting

The first thing you want to make sure to do when considering the location of your food truck is to check your city’s laws on food truck parking as well as regulations and permits. Permits can sometimes take months to secure, so it is very important to research these regulations in advance. Now that you have all the knowledge on the differences between food trucks, food carts, and food trailers, be sure to keep in mind the space of the area. Larger trucks and trailers will need more room and may require more planning as you cannot simply place them anywhere. The last thing to keep in mind is to select a place that will draw a good amount of attention to your food truck.

Who Will You Be Serving?

Remember to consider your customers. Choosing your target audience should be done before deciding what kind of food truck, trailer, or cart you want to invest in. Be sure to know your demographics and understand where to sell and operate your business most efficiently. With these topics in mind, think about how many customers you plan on serving daily.

Food Truck Brand Image

Finally, it’s time to consider your brand image. In order to create the most effective look for your food truck, hire a graphic designer to help you create the logo, text design, and color.
Now that you have a better understanding of what to consider before buying a food truck, are you ready to officially get cooking? Remember food trucks can bring in a good income as long as you stick with them for the long haul. Get your food truck business today. Contact Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks to build your personalized food truck business.