The Benefits of a Food Truck During the Summer

The Benefits of a Food Truck During the Summer

Are you considering opening up your own food truck? Before you hit the road and get started, here are a few of the many benefits of operating a food truck during everyone’s favorite season, summertime.

Summer – The Most Profitable Season

The summer season is generally the most profitable time of the year in the food truck industry. With most people spending more time outside, whether attending a handful of outdoor events, meeting up with friends, or simply enjoying the summer air – people will be out and about, and they will be hungry.

Summer Events

Food Truck Catering is perfect for outdoor summer events. Not only are food trucks a convenient option, but they also add a more unique and memorable experience to any event. While some events are going to be personally catered by you and your business, consider taking advantage of other special events as this can be a great marketing opportunity to attract new customers to your business. While many events have no problem with outside food, be sure to do your research on which events may need an application or even require a fee to participate. With that being said, here is a list of a few great events to attend as a stand-alone food truck:

  • Carnivals – This may be one of those events that necessitate a little bit of extra research as they may require an application or a small fee to park your food truck on site.
  • Sporting events, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, or even hockey games – Everybody always craves a good snack after being inside an arena for two hours, right?
  • Extra-Curricular Outdoor Functions – This could be for a local church, charity, club, or school events.
  • Company parties and picnics.
  • Flea Markets – again, be sure to do your research on this one.
  • Music Festivals – This is one of the most popular events to attend as a food truck.
  • County Fairs – research, research, research.

Keep in mind even if you do not get as much business as you would have hoped for from these events alone, you have taken advantage of a great marketing opportunity. Now, people will be more aware of your business and are more likely to try and find you again after the event has passed. In fact, these events could be where you attract some of your most loyal customers.

Food Truck Festivals

Summertime truly is the greatest time for food trucks. The Woodstock Food Truck Festival has proved that food trucks are a great way to kick off the summer. This is another great opportunity to attract more customers and to be a part of a larger community. Food Truck Festivals and rallies seem to only be growing in popularity, especially when it comes to the summer season, as people are always on the lookout for fun, unique outdoor events and
experiences. The number one tip to succeed after the fun has ended: keep up with social media and engage your target audience. A great social media page will leave a lasting impression and attract old and new customers back to your business long after the events have passed.


It’s no surprise that people love to travel the most during the summer as warm climates and sunshine create a more joyful atmosphere and better chances to meet up with friends. Depending on the location of your food truck, you are likely to attract a large group of tourists to boost your monthly sales. On top of the added tourists coming to your location, you should also have your regular customers ready to stop by and grab a bite of their favorite snack. Kick off the summer right by and contact Sizemore Ultimate Food Truck to build your food truck today!