Business Start-Up Tips for Food Truck Entrepreneurs

Business Start-Up Tips for Food Truck Entrepreneurs

If you consider yourself to be a fellow lover of all things food, have a knack for customer service and business management, then you should consider joining the food truck industry. The question most entrepreneurs like yourself often ask is: where do we even begin? Not to worry, at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks, the team of professional is ready to offer a few helpful business start-up tips as well as a general guide on where to begin in the food truck industry.

Picking the Best Food Truck Option for Yourself

The first thing to consider when starting your food truck business is what type of food to serve, and the space you will need to be successful. For example, are you looking for a food truck or a food trailer? Food trucks are typically the option most people go for as they offer a wide range of space for you and your employees to prepare your food and work comfortably and efficiently. Next, consider what you want to be serving. This will also play a large factor in determining between a food truck or a food trailer as you will have a better idea of what kind of space and equipment is needed to have your business up and running smoothly.

Where to Park Your Food Truck for Ultimate Success

For your food truck to succeed, you must be mindful of where you decide to park the truck. In most cases, the most successful areas to park your food truck include:

  • Food Truck Parks – during the summertime especially, there are even large food truck events you can attend and park your
  • truck.
  • Farmers Markets
  • Near or on college campuses and universities
  • Outside of an apartment complex – consider even striking a deal with the complex itself where you can bring your food truck to the site once or twice a week while also offering specials and other promotions
  • Event venues
  • Side street parking in larger cities

Necessary Skills Needed to Successfully Run a Food Truck Business

While culinary talent and a passion for food is always a great start-up point when it comes to running your food truck business, it is also important to have a knack for:

  • customer service
  • organization
  • time management
  • a positive and adaptable mindset
  • excellent leadership skills
  • a good eye for creativity
  • outstanding driving abilities – remember, your business is on wheels after all.

Money, Money, Money

Now it’s time to get to the financial aspect of it all. How much money does it take to start a food truck business? Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important financial aspects:

The cost of your vehicle

Depending on what type of vehicle you decide to go with – food trailer, food truck, airstream trailers, and more – you may be looking at a rough estimate of $20,000 for the vehicle itself.

The cost of equipment

This includes, but is not limited to, fryers, sinks, ovens, pots and pans, cooking utensils, stovetops, and more. All of these can cost around $40,000.

License and permits

It is very important to be on top of all licenses and permits to avoid fines and other issues. Your business license, food service license, parking permits, and insurance can come to an estimate of $25,000.

Marketing Your Food Truck Business

Last but not least, another important factor in running a successful business is marketing. These days, the best way to get your name out there is through a strong social media presence. This means it is best to include all of your promotions, events, and of course, photos of your delicious food on the most popular social media platforms. Another great way to market your business is by leaving business cards at other local businesses, as well as giving out free samples of your food to start.

Has all of this made you that much more excited to hop on your feet and get started? The food industry is not always the easiest, as with most customer service industries, but it is nevertheless always exciting, especially when it is your passion. For more information about building your dream food truck, contact Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks today.