Where to Park Your Food Truck During the Winter

Where to Park Your Food Truck During the Winter

The winter season is officially upon us. That means, it may be time to find the best places to park your food truck during this typical “off season”. Although winter is known to be the most difficult season for food trucks, it does not mean they won’t survive. With that being said, here are our top tips and where to park your food truck during the winter season as well as a few other tips and tricks to help you through these colder months.


Parking Your Food Truck

As always, the number one tip when it comes to parking your food truck is finding an area with high foot traffic. When the weather is nice, people tend to go outside for a nice walk, and, depending on where your business is located, the weather may surprise you with how nice it can be even during the winter months. However, if food traffic is proven to be difficult in your area, be sure to find a space close to office buildings where you will be seen by busy workers taking their lunch breaks.

With that being said, if keeping a customary spot during the winter season continues to be a challenge, consider taking your food truck to a city or state with a warmer climate. You may have to organize lodging for yourself as well as your truck to prepare and obtain the proper food truck licenses and allow for that state, so be sure to save up some cash before taking off on this journey.


Keep Yourself Booked and Busy

Although summer has proven to be the most popular time for events, this does not mean that winter does not have a few things to offer as well. Therefore, consider signing up for events in your area where you can park your food truck. A colder time of year food truck celebration is an extraordinary way for clients to track down assorted flavors in the gloomier months and furnish you with a benefit. Neighborhood social occasions like winter fairs, tree lightings, and a Christmas town can be significant business openings as they by and large attract eager and parched groups that are searching for something to eat nearby. See whether adjoining towns and urban areas have month to month occasions like First Fridays or Fourth Fridays, since this will likewise get enormous gatherings of individuals notwithstanding the cool temperatures.


Create a Winter Menu

Season menus are always a sure way to bring in customers, both old and new. Therefore, when you are looking to create your menu, consider offering a few items that are perfect for the season and sure to bring in the holiday spirit. A perfect example of this could be a debut of Mexican hot chocolate during the winter months. Of course, you may want to stay away from any cold or frozen drinks at this time. 

To encourage even more sales, offer some colder time of year specials and limits. You can even sell some warming products, as scarves and caps with your logo, to assist with keeping your clients warm while they bear the cold weather months


Yes, winter can be the most troublesome season for food trucks, though this doesn’t imply that your food truck needs to close down or suffer during the season. By changing your menu, signing up for local events, and engaging with your customers, you can keep your business open all season long. Then, when winter comes to an end, you can begin planning for the warmer weather once again. When in need of a food truck, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks can assist.