How to Promote Your Food Truck Business

How to Promote Your Food Truck Business

With the winter season coming to its peak, many food truck owners and operators are looking for new and improved ways to promote their food truck business. Due to the fact that customers are not as willing to stand out in the cold, you may notice a small decrease in your sales. So, how can we fix this and where do we begin? In this article, we will be going over our top 5 tips to promote your food truck business during this off season.


Embrace the Winter Season

First things first, don’t fight the cold but embrace the season. Rather than battling the cold and whirlwinds, use it as a feature of your occasional food truck promoting plan. A colder time of year menu or a couple of increments to your ordinary menu assist with drawing swarms. Consider dishes, for example, soup or espresso beverages to assist clients with remaining warm.

Get the clients who, during the cold, assist you with advancing your food truck by offering marked winter gear. Scarfs, ear warmers, and gloves are instances of things you can print with your logo as an exceptional winter advancement.


Offer a Seasonal Menu

The best way to embrace the winter season is to create a limited time seasonal menu for your customers to enjoy. By offering warm seasonal drinks and pastries, it may give your customers a push to stop by, even when it’s cold outside. The most popular seasonal menu item that people never get tired of would have to be Mexican hot chocolate. Of course, there are also peppermint options as well as pumpkin spice drinks and warm holiday cookies.

You might even consider offering winter specials on your menu. Maybe you can consider offering a special meal bundle for a cheaper price. This bundle can offer a gift with a meal request, like a free espresso or hot cocoa with each course. Urge clients to bring friends and family by offering a buy-one-get-one-free option throughout this colder time of year.



Consider Offering Catering

Another great tip during this off season is to offer catering to locals. Instead of waiting for customers to stop by, you have a guaranteed amount of business. You know in advance if it’s profitable and worth your time. Your truck offers a portable kitchen choice for preparing food on location at the occasion setting. You can likewise utilize it to move food, fixings, and hardware to the area in the event that you intend to prepare the food in a business kitchen space.


Partner with Local Businesses Around Your Food Truck

Teaming up with different organizations is a commonly advantageous method for finding more business. In the event that you favor the lunch swarm, observe an enormous business in the space which allows you to set up in the parking area. You get the enthralled crowd of the organization’s representatives to keep you occupied with during the lunch surge.

You can even set up a table inside the business. Plan food in your truck and get it together in a hotter. Head inside the business to offer to their representatives.


Attend Outdoor Holiday Events and Festivals

It is safe to say that not all customers want to stay inside during the colder months, but rather you should be key with regards to where to stop to track down those clients. Open air occasion celebrations, for example, outside Christmas markets or occasion tree lighting functions, draw in individuals who hope to hang neglected. Joining as a food seller for those occasions places you in a great spot to make deals throughout the colder time of year. For more information about purchasing a food truck, visit Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks today.