How to Successfully Host a Food Truck Catering Event

How to Successfully Host a Food Truck Catering Event

Food is the main focus of every event, large or small, and guests are always excited about that. No occasion could ever be complete without good food. It doesn’t matter if it is a birthday celebration, a wedding, or a corporate function. Traditional catering has always been the preferred option for events since it allows the hosts to relax and enjoy the party. However, the ways catering services are delivered has evolved with time, and food truck catering for business picnics, weddings, and special events is now a popular choice.

Set a Budget

Food trucks usually charge between $10 and $20 per person, compared to $60 to $70 per person for traditional catering companies. That should give a general idea about trying to set your budget by knowing how much money you want to splurge. The prices vary depending on how popular the food truck is, with those in high demand charging more.  But even if you pay the maximum prices, you will save a lot of money compared to traditional catering.

Estimate the Food Requirement

Food trucks provide guests with freshly prepared, delicious food that they eagerly devour. You should provide enough amount of food and beverages to satisfy them. You must determine the total amount of food required. It is a difficult task because your guests are not just different sizes and shapes, but they also have different appetites. Given the fact that an average food truck helps feed approximately 75 people, your invite list determines how many food trucks you require.

Select the Food Truck Carefully

Food trucks are always a great addition to events which help to set the mood, and the choice of the food truck has a strong impact on the event. Many people overlook the fact that the food truck should always be equipped to serve hundreds of people at once, depending on the number of guests. Researching the different kinds of trucks and how they look should help you figure out which one will be perfect for your needs.

Find Out What the Food Truck Offers

Food trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as does the food they serve. As a result, before choosing a truck-based solely on its appearance, speak with the owner to figure out what they would serve. Food trucks use paper plates, which are better for the environment because they eliminate the need to wash dishes. It not only saves water, but also saves space and helps the hosts to avoid a lot of clutter.

Create a Custom Menu

As soon as you decide on a food truck, start putting together a menu. Food trucks enable you to serve your visitors the foods you enjoy the most, as well as your favourite local food. Food trucks specialize in certain foods. If it meets your expectations, you can serve excellent meals to your visitors, however, the chefs will gladly provide your special request. By speaking with the owner of the food truck, who is willing to help, you could become more creative with the food that will be served.

Timing Is Everything

Food trucks do not come ready to serve; there is a significant amount of preparation time. As a result, schedule your truck’s arrival far ahead of serving time. Similarly, ensure the truck is scheduled with plenty of time to break everything down. You want to make sure that the event runs until all of your visitors have been served.

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