Online Ordering Options for Your Food Truck

Online Ordering Options for Your Food Truck

It’s time to try a different approach in your food truck business. Fulfilling the needs of a crowd of clients as fast as you can is usually the norm. But that’s coming to an end thanks to online ordering options. 

This new approach allows your clients to access your foods without dealing without waiting in long queues. And it’s all thanks to companies that are creating ordering applications to help your business survive. On that note, have a look at the following online ordering options for your food truck:

  •     Toast

This application is best for food truck owners wanting to accommodate point-of-sale orders from their target clients. It’s one of the top POS services offering applications in this industry. It allows you to develop a virtual ordering channel without an upfront fee. As such, there’s less impact on your business finances when you decide to invest in it. Also, there are no commission charges if that’s worrying you when it comes to online ordering options. 

  •     Best Food Trucks

This application allows all your clients using Android or iOS devices to place orders. After the client places an order, you’ll receive a notification as a reminder that there’s an order to fulfill. Once you’re done with making the order, your client on the other hand will also get an alert. They can come to pick it up or leverage the delivery services. Thereafter, the client will rate their experience based on the satisfaction they get from your meals. 


This platform was designed for your clients in need of your food but they’re in a rush due to a busy schedule. Therefore, they’re able to order their dishes ahead and skip the line. The platform is compatible with both Android and iOS applications. Through it, the client can order the meals for delivery or pickup, whichever options suit them. The features it comes with are: 

o   Coupon codes

o   Customer alerts for pickup  

o   Delivery or Pickup  order option

o   Future ordering

o   Menu Management

o   Order notification

o   Special ordering URL

  •     Square

Square is another platform that provides your business with an opportunity to have a virtual store. It allows you to optimize delivery and curbside pickups. Further, they also support gift cards in case you want to launch promotional campaigns. And that’s not all, there’s also the option to surprise your clients with waivers on delivery fees.

Delivery Applications to Choose From

Running your food truck business online also requires the use of delivery applications. This creates convenience for clients who are unable to pick up their orders in person. On the positive side, clients are familiar with these delivery applications. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about building public awareness. 

Before choosing a delivery option for your business, you should know their charges differ. Therefore, run a background check before you decide the type that works for you. Alternatively, you can leverage all of them and provide your clients with vast options. These applications are:

  •     GrubHub
  •     Caviar
  •     UberEats
  •     DoorDash
  •     Postmates

Note: these are the popular options in the industry. However, if you still want to explore other options, there’s no harm in that. 

Getting Started

Finally, it’s very clear at this point that you have multiple online ordering options for your food truck business. To appreciate the choice you pick, you can contact the app company and inquire more about their services. On the other hand, if you’re joining this venture or trying to expand your business, contact Sizemore Food Trucks. They’re the best food truck builders in this industry with a precise understanding of what you need.