Preparing Your Food Truck for Summer

Preparing Your Food Truck for Summer

Summer marks the most profitable season of the year when it comes to the food truck business. With everyone outdoors plus the tons of events going on, getting clients is easier. But even so, you can miss out on such great opportunities due to poor preparation. Fortunately, there are robust steps you can take to ensure you’ve grasped every chance this summer: 

Upgrade Your Food Truck 

It’s finally time for an upgrade. Give your food truck fresh new looks that will draw people’s attention and excite your clients. Summer being a hot season, you can upgrade the storage area as well. You can combine polycarbonate and metal to create a safe space for your supplies. 

Also, you can improve the general comfort in the truck so that your staff can work comfortably. Further, consider upgrading your kitchen appliances, especially if you’ve used them for years. Look in the market for energy-efficient varieties that fit your kitchen. Besides lowering energy consumption, these appliances can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint. 

Double Your Marketing Campaigns 

This is a season of outdoor events; therefore, you need to remain updated on the current and upcoming events. Further, where you choose to park your truck determines how many clients you’ll get. To serve many people, find parking spots in areas with a high population. And as you run your marketing strategies; don’t leave out social media and referral programs. Use these platforms to share food images and excite clients’ taste buds. 

Remain Hydrated 

Now, this part applies to you and your employees. Improve the storage capacity of drinking water since your staff will need to hydrate a lot during summer. Also, you may get cold towels for freshening up when the heat is too severe. Oftentimes, the body temperature dictates your mood and state of mind. And when you’re in a bad mood, your productivity is also compromised. 

Create a Summer Menu

Creating a menu is no different than preparing what the clients might prefer. With warm weather, you’ll need a menu that accommodates that. Also, research popular summer trends in foods and use that as an inspiration. To some people, summer is the best time to work on their diet. Therefore, you should consider that as well. 

Go Slow on Electricity 

While you need electricity to run some of the processes in the kitchen, you can reduce the rate of consumption. Besides heat from the weather, electric current is a major source of heat. Therefore, you should only power on the appliances when you need them. Besides, taking this step will lower the running cost of your business. Further, you can also buy solar-powered fans as a means to reduce power consumption. 

Park in Areas With Shades 

Choosing parking areas with shades is a great move. It will reduce the impact of summer heat on your vehicle. You can look for areas with tree shades. Such areas have cool air due to transpiration. If the trees are not around, you can install an awning. And this is even better because it allows you to pack anywhere. 

Final Take 

Summer is a season of opportunities for food truck businesses. And the secret to optimizing these opportunities is by getting ready. Don’t wait until summer to begin improving the state of your vehicle. Also, don’t wait for summer to design your campaign efforts. Prepare them in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. 

Also, if you want to expand your business, this is the season for that. Just reach out to Sizemore Food Trucks and they’ll help you build the extra fleets. Also, you can always ask for a quote if you’re unsure about how much you should budget for.