Critical Questions To Ask Your Food Truck Manufacturer

Critical Questions To Ask Your Food Truck Manufacturer

Building your mobile food business requires foresight, not just in preparing a menu that will excite people in your community or choosing the right location ahead of time, but also when building your food truck and ensuring the quality meets your needs and any state requirements. 

Furthermore, you need to find a manufacturer that can deliver a build that fits your theme and includes the tools and equipment you need. You should spend a great deal of time researching and vetting who you work with before you commission a food truck build. If you are new to the industry and are unsure what questions you should be asking, here are a few critical questions to ask your food truck manufacturer to avoid any complications and ensure you are setting yourself up for success. 

Food Truck or Trailer? 

While you may know the differences between food trucks and trailers, manufacturers can give details about their operations and features. If you have yet to determine which one suits you better, consider asking your food manufacturer to provide an outline of what each platform has to offer so that you can choose the one that best matches your needs. Some of the things you will have to consider are the cost, vehicle maintenance, crew, and towing requirements. 

Do Your Food Trucks Meet My Area Requirements?

While there are plenty of food truck manufacturers who have been in the industry for many years, not all of them may be able to deliver a product that meets the requirements of your area. Every municipality has different requirements for operating in their region, which is why you want to ensure you have a truck that meets any guidelines. It also helps to work with a builder familiar with the regulations of your area, as they will not have to conduct any research before they begin building. 

Ever Built A Food Truck With A Similar Theme?

Before you finalize a build and commission a manufacturer, ask your contractor whether they have built a truck with a similar theme to what you have in mind. Even if they have experience building food trucks for others, you want to ensure you are working with a team that can realize your vision and delivers something that fits your expectation, needs, and style. 

Will You Design My Food Truck?

When choosing a manufacturer to partner with, consider looking for ones who have in-house design teams that can take your ideas and turn them into a working solution to fit your expectations. While you may be able to work with a stock build, having a perfect match for your dream truck is always best. 

Do You Offer Financing?

Food trucks are expensive, and finding a lender can be challenging, which is why you should ask manufacturers whether they offer financing options to pay for a commission. Unless you already have savings to cover the cost of investing in a food truck, picking a manufacturer that offers financing will help alleviate some of the financial pressure and stress and enable you to begin your foray into the food truck industry. 

Who Do I Contact?

Finally, it is important to know who to contact at different stages of the building process. Whether you want to make any changes to the design or have any questions about the delivery, ask your manufacturer who you should contact for specific questions and inquiries you may have in the future. 

Work With Sizemore Food Trucks

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