Ray And Mina Strobel


My husband and I can attest to the wonderful work and awesome customer service at Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks!! We searched throughout Florida and visited numerous food truck builders. There was none like these guys! Their workmanship is amazing. Everything is stainless steel made there in their shop and built to fit your truck. We never once were unable to get a hold of Jordan. He is extremely dedicated to every customer and every build. We received updates without having to ask for them and pics of the phases which I absolutely loved!! It’s a part of the history in the making of our truck Nonnies Pizza & Spudz Food Truck. They kept to the time frame for the build also which is amazing in today’s day… nothing is usually on time!! As a matter of fact we got our truck completed and had our first event in October 2016 and just two weeks ago I got a call from a truck builder in Ft Lauderdale ( not mentioning names) asking if we’d made a decision on what company we were going to use!!!!! Really??? We visited you in August and your following up now??? LOL. We are so glad we went with Sizemore!!! Well worth the money and we’ve been very successful so far!! Thanks again to you Jordan and your crew!!