Vince and Peggy


My Cousin Vinny’s Food Trailer was purchased from another vendor however Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks has offered several solutions to our problems and we have found the each experience has been very enjoyable. We wish that Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks had been in business when we bought our trailer in 2015.

Within a week of opening, we came to Tom Albano with a dilemma. We asked him to find a way to cover the fryers so we could move the trailer immediately after shutting down. Previously we were waiting for the oil to cool down (1-2 hours) and then transferred the oil into storage containers for transport.  This procedure was very messy and each day we wasted valuable time. We asked Tom what he did for other trucks and by weeks end Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks had a solution to my problem. We came out on a Saturday morning and within an hour we had a solution to our problem.  While we waited, Tom had fabricated 2 steel covers for the fryers and they fit perfectly. I can’t tell you what a blessing this has been. We truly believe that all food trucks and trailers should have covers as standard equipment.

We also found that the generator that was provided on the original package was too noisy and in one event we were denied the use of the generator. This caused huge problems as we were forced to run extension cords in order to operate. Again, Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks offered a solution that was quiet, fast and very cost-effective. We now can attend all events without the worry of a noisy generator!!!

Although Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks did not build my original trailer, we can say without a shadow of a doubt, that when we are ready for an upgrade (hopefully by the end of 2016), it will be a Sizemore Ultimate Food Truck!!